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When I was a kid, many of my friends wanted to be firefighters, teachers, and policemen when they grew up. Interestingly, I told everyone who was interested that I wanted to be a lawyer. I was fascinated with crime shows. While watching my favorite television programs as a child, I was captivated by actors who played the roles of tough, successful lawyers. No matter what they were facing at trial, they always discovered the truth in every case. While I majored in business instead of law, I still have an amazing appreciation for the work attorneys do today. On this blog, I hope you will discover the importance of lawyers in our society. Enjoy!


Who Has Jurisdiction Over Your Divorce?

30 June 2019
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You might get so caught up in the emotional aspect of your divorce that you fail to see things from a legal point of view. Ignoring legal jurisdiction when you divorce could cause unnecessary complications for divorcing couples. To help you better understand how jurisdictional issues could affect your divorce, read on. Do You Have Legal Domicile? To have a legal divorce, you must file in the state where you can show residence. Read More …

Court Is Not Your Only Option: Why Alternative Dispute Resolution May Be Right for You

23 April 2019
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Many people think when two parties don't agree on the legalities of something, whether it's a business or personal relationship, that their only recourse is to battle it out in the court system. This is far from the case, however. In addition to court being costly for both parties, neither usually ends up being happy with what the court decides. A better option — at least initially — is to go through an alternative dispute resolution service. Read More …

4 Ways To Protect Your Children In A Contentious Custody Case

29 January 2019
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One of the most difficult aspects of going through a divorce is making decisions regarding physical and legal custody of any minor children. Some custody cases quickly turn contentious, dragging out the divorce and exposing the kids to high levels of stress. The situation is even more stressful if members of your extended family take sides and try to turn the children against one or both of their parents. You may not be able to completely eliminate the stress of going through a divorce, but you can shield your kids from some of the negative effects of a contentious custody case. Read More …