Getting Accepted For Social Security Disability Benefits: How An Attorney Can Help

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Getting Accepted For Social Security Disability Benefits: How An Attorney Can Help

26 November 2019
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While the process of getting Social Security disability benefits shouldn't be difficult, there are a number of hurdles you might encounter right from the start. Less than 30% of applications are approved in the initial stage, making a denial much more common than you may realize. Your application can be denied because of a technicality with missing paperwork or a late filing or because there is not enough proof of your disability. You must be able to prove that you are not able to work, and this often requires extensive paperwork to get an approval for your case. If you are denied benefits, it's time to appeal with the help of an attorney.

Medical Denials and Your Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are denied because there is not enough proof of your disability that leads to an inability to work, it's time to seek the medical care you need. You might be hesitant to seek care because you don't think it will help, but this is counterproductive to your Social Security disability claim. You need to have treatment providers who can discuss your disability at length and provide a clear picture of what is going on to prevent you from working. 

Hiring an Attorney to Secure Disability Benefits

The good thing about hiring an attorney to obtain Social Security disability benefits is that you don't pay if you don't win your case. Your attorney can take 25% of your back pay, but only up to $6,000. If you have been fighting for your benefits, a social security disability attorney is well worth the fees associated with securing the benefits you deserve. With a limit to the pay your attorney can receive, you get to keep a big portion of the benefits that are finally approved.

Waiting for Your Approval

You may know that you are disabled and not be able to work, but it doesn't mean your benefits get approved right away. As you wait for approval, understand that getting legal help will hasten the process. You will want to have representation that responds to questions quickly and handles your case to move it forward. Each step of the process takes time, and the faster you move, the closer you are to getting the benefits you deserve.

Social Security disability benefits often require an attorney to get you the benefits you need. Hire a Social Security disability attorney to learn more about Social Security.