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When I was a kid, many of my friends wanted to be firefighters, teachers, and policemen when they grew up. Interestingly, I told everyone who was interested that I wanted to be a lawyer. I was fascinated with crime shows. While watching my favorite television programs as a child, I was captivated by actors who played the roles of tough, successful lawyers. No matter what they were facing at trial, they always discovered the truth in every case. While I majored in business instead of law, I still have an amazing appreciation for the work attorneys do today. On this blog, I hope you will discover the importance of lawyers in our society. Enjoy!


Dental License Investigations And How An Attorney Can Help You When Facing Charges

30 September 2022
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The law allows patients to make complaints or bring claims against dental professionals. This is the case whenever they genuinely feel unsatisfied with their services. However, in some cases, you will find some patients wrongly accuse dentists of misconduct. In other cases, some dental professionals make false claims against their colleagues to tarnish their reputations. Ultimately, facing such allegations can lead to severe consequences that can hurt your career. Therefore, you must hire a dental license defense attorney to deal with the false allegations. Read More …

Getting Ready For Your SSDI Benefits

15 August 2022
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Those approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits must either set up a bank account with direct deposit or use a special debit card. Read below for what recipients need to know and what to do if your claim is denied. No More Checks Because of security issues, the Social Security Administration (SSA) no longer sends SSDI recipients a paper check. That means those receiving benefits might need to set up a checking account if they do not already have one in place. Read More …

3 Estate Planning Mistakes You Should Do Your Best To Avoid

18 July 2022
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You have worked very hard and managed to have several properties or accumulate wealth. But have you thought of what would happen to your properties if you die? Well, you probably don't want to think about death right now, but you should because death is an inevitable part of life. You cannot plan when to die, but you can plan what happens to your estate when you die. Actually, how your loved ones benefit from your estate after death depends on how you plan it now. Read More …

3 Key Areas That Family Law Covers

1 June 2022
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When the word "family" is mentioned, what comes to most people's minds is their spouse, kids, parents, and other relatives. Very few people think about the laws that govern family interactions until they're engrossed in a legal battle. If you have any issues with your domestic relations, you should contact a family lawyer. They'll help you iron out the issues and restore peace. Here are three key areas that family law covers. Read More …

Reckless Driving: What Is It And What Are The Repercussions?

26 April 2022
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Reckless driving can be a very serious offense because it endangers the other drivers on the road, as well as yourself. It's important to familiarize yourself with the laws of any state you may be driving in to avoid getting yourself in trouble for reckless driving.  What Is Reckless Driving? The exact definition of reckless driving will vary slightly depending on which state you are in. Though, they all follow the same basic idea that reckless driving is when a person is driving with no regard for the safety of other drivers and/or their property. Read More …