3 Important Elements Of Your Criminal Defense Strategy

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3 Important Elements Of Your Criminal Defense Strategy

14 October 2021
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The criminal law system provides rights to people who are facing criminal charges. One right is that you can have a lawyer assisting you. Another right is that you are innocent until the court proves that you are guilty. If you have criminal charges against you, you might want to start by hiring a lawyer for help. Once you hire a lawyer, you can start working on your defense strategy. Here are three important elements of defense strategies that your attorney might incorporate into your case.

1. Make Doubt Clear to the Court

One of the most vital elements of a criminal defense strategy is doubt. A court is not legally allowed to convict a person of a crime if they have doubt that the person committed it. The defense does not even need to prove that the person is innocent. They just need to prove that there is some doubt that the person might have committed it. A good criminal defense lawyer will find ways to make doubt clear to the court. They can do this in many ways, and most lawyers will aim to instill doubt in multiple ways.

2. Offer a Credible Alibi

The second element to consider is an alibi. An alibi is a person that can attest to your whereabouts during the time of the crime. If you have an alibi, the court might realize that you could not have committed the crime in question. When using an alibi, it is vital that your alibi is credible. Courts look closely at a person's credibility when hearing their testimony. Credibility is equivalent to believability. If a person is not credible, it might harm your case more than help it.

3. Use Your Character as a Reference

The last thing to consider is your character. If you have a good character, your lawyer might use it as a reference in your case. For example, is this your first criminal charge? If so, your lawyer might use this evidence to show that you have a good character and nature. Using your character as a reference is a great way to illustrate to the court that you are a good citizen who has never had criminal trouble in the past.

Developing a criminal defense strategy is an important part of fighting criminal charges. If you have charges against you and need help with your case, contact a criminal defense lawyer today to learn more about your options.