4 Common Wrongful Death Suits

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4 Common Wrongful Death Suits

30 September 2016
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Wrongful death cases hit the courtroom every day, with family members of the deceased seeking compensation for funeral expenses, pain and suffering, medical costs, and other hardships. There are actually a few types of wrongful death cases that are the most common, and this is often the result of dangerous circumstances and situations. If your loved one has passed away in one of the following situations, you may have a strong case on your hands.

1. Vehicle Accidents

Thousands upon thousands of people die in car accidents each year, and many more are injured. Accidents that involve speeding, reckless driving, defects in the road, drunk drinking, or distracted driving may result in successful wrongful death cases. Truck accidents can be especially difficult to navigate in court because you may be dealing with a company rather than a single driver or insurance company. In these cases, accidents are often caused by aggressive driving, driver negligence, and incorrectly loaded trucks. Then, there are motorcycle accidents which typically result in more severe injury to the cyclist.

2. Medical Malpractice

In some cases, doctors do not necessarily perform their jobs as they should. The result is an accident or injury, occasionally leading to death or severe incapacitation. This often results from  incorrect diagnosis, lack of treatment, mistreatment, or surgical error. There are cases in which doctors misdiagnose a condition or simply do not understand the scope of an illness.

3. Product Defects

Many products are defective but sold giving the impression that they are safe to use. In most cases, manufacturers can be held responsible for products they provide, whether they are vehicles, toys, food, or medications. These products could be unsafe because they are made with toxic materials or small parts that could harm children. In fact, some products have large defects that affect thousands of their items.

4. Workplace Injuries & Accidents

It is the duty of your workplace to ensure you have a safe environment in which to complete your work-related tasks. Even if you have received death benefits, you may be able to sue the company for negligence or death that occurred as a result of manufacturing, transportation, asbestos, or repetitive motion injuries.

Personal injury and wrongful death suits are incredibly frustrating to deal with, but you may be able to receive compensation you and your family deserve. Hiring an attorney can help you maintain your rights in the courtroom.