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When I was a kid, many of my friends wanted to be firefighters, teachers, and policemen when they grew up. Interestingly, I told everyone who was interested that I wanted to be a lawyer. I was fascinated with crime shows. While watching my favorite television programs as a child, I was captivated by actors who played the roles of tough, successful lawyers. No matter what they were facing at trial, they always discovered the truth in every case. While I majored in business instead of law, I still have an amazing appreciation for the work attorneys do today. On this blog, I hope you will discover the importance of lawyers in our society. Enjoy!


Hiring Legal Aid During an Uncontested Divorce

14 May 2021
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When spouses decide to end their marriage, many factors come into play. Divorces can be amicable where both parties agree to dissolve their marriage. However, in some cases, only one party may wish to end the union against the other spouse's wishes, resulting in a contested divorce. In both scenarios, whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, both parties have rights that must be protected. A divorce attorney will guide you through the entire process and ensure that you reach a fair settlement that reflects your wishes. Read More …