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When I was a kid, many of my friends wanted to be firefighters, teachers, and policemen when they grew up. Interestingly, I told everyone who was interested that I wanted to be a lawyer. I was fascinated with crime shows. While watching my favorite television programs as a child, I was captivated by actors who played the roles of tough, successful lawyers. No matter what they were facing at trial, they always discovered the truth in every case. While I majored in business instead of law, I still have an amazing appreciation for the work attorneys do today. On this blog, I hope you will discover the importance of lawyers in our society. Enjoy!


Guidelines For Filing A Successful Auto Accident Lawsuit In Delaware

20 April 2016
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If you were recently in an auto accident, then you are probably dealing with a lot of stress. You might have serious auto repair bills, medical bills, and possibly even towing costs. If you were seriously hurt, then you might not even be able to actually work for a few weeks. In other words, you might have been hit with some serious financial burdens as a direct result of that accident. Read More …

Securing Your Company’s Future Through Knowledge - 3 Questions For A Small Business Owner To Ask An Attorney

15 April 2016
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The tasks that come with deciding to open your own small business can, at many times, seem overwhelming. There are many challenges to face and items to check off of seemingly endless to do lists, but one thing that should immediately jump to the front of your priorities is guaranteeing that your business has necessary and sufficient legal protection. Choosing your small business's attorney and being engaged with him or her immediately is a great way to be proactive and avoid any potential concerns which may arise. Read More …

Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer Before Agreeing To A Settlement

15 April 2016
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Most personal injury lawsuits are resolved through a settlement instead of a civil court trial. Settlements are generally easier for all parties, which is why informal settlements are sometimes discussed early in the whole litigation process. If your personal injury lawyer is discussing the possibilities of a settlement, here are some important questions to ask to ensure that you are fully informed about your situation. Being informed can help empower you to make a smart decision that you'll never regret. Read More …

Are You Divorcing An Alcoholic? What You Need To Know

14 April 2016
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More than 76 million people are currently affected by alcohol dependence. If you are divorcing your spouse because they are an alcoholic, this makes an impact on your divorce. Below are some things you need to know to ensure you have no problems while you are going through this. Having Problems with Custody Your spouse will have problems being a good parent because of their alcohol abuse. This is even true if they only drink when they are away from the children. Read More …

Five Defense Options To Consider In Your Wrongful Death Case

13 April 2016
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Although some people may believe that wrongful death lawsuits are difficult to defend against, the truth is that you do have some options. If you've been served with papers for a wrongful death suit, it's important that you act right away. The sooner you start working with a wrongful death attorney, the easier it will be to determine how to defend yourself in court. Here are a few of the most common defenses that may apply to your situation. Read More …