Do You Need A Child Custody Lawyer? How To Tell If It's Time To Seek Legal Advice

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Do You Need A Child Custody Lawyer? How To Tell If It's Time To Seek Legal Advice

22 February 2023
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If you have children with someone you're no longer dating, whether you were never married or have recently separated because the relationship wasn't working out, you may wonder if you will need a child custody lawyer. Of course, it's always in your best interest to talk to a child custody attorney in situations like this for your own sake and sanity, especially if you want to ensure you will get the chance to spend enough quality time with your children. However, there are a few situations where hiring a child custody lawyer is necessary.

Your Ex Continues to Withhold the Kids  

If your former partner keeps the kids from you despite not having a custody agreement, you should speak with a child custody lawyer to determine what you can do about this situation. Your lawyer could help you fight for custody so you will get a fair chance to spend time with your children. In many situations, custody is split evenly between both parties, but this isn't always the case. No matter what kind of custody you would like, it helps to reach out to a custody lawyer to discuss your options and receive assistance with going to court to get something worked out before a judge.

You Are Thinking About Moving to a New City or State

Even if you currently have an agreement with your former partner about spending time with the children and sharing holidays, you may need to contact a child custody lawyer when making a big move. For example, if you've recently learned that you will need to relocate out of the city or state for your job, you're probably unsure what would happen with the custody of your children if you decide to leave. Instead of making that move and possibly losing out on spending time with your kids, it's better to connect with a child custody lawyer who could help with negotiations and possibly even make it a lot easier for you to reach an agreement with your ex so that both parties get a decent amount of time with the children.

Seek Expert Legal Guidance From a Child Custody Lawyer

No matter your situation, whether you're civil with your former partner or not, child custody is a big deal, and that means it's best to speak with a child custody lawyer. You need to know more about your legal rights as a parent and receive professional guidance and support in negotiating custody agreements that benefit the children.