Right-Of-Way Accidents Are Among The Most Common For Motorcyclists

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Right-Of-Way Accidents Are Among The Most Common For Motorcyclists

7 January 2022
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Collisions between cars and motorcycles almost always lead to significant injuries and often death. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are very common because many motorists are not paying attention to the motorcycles around them and end up colliding with them. One of the most common reasons for a collision with a car and a motorcycle is that the driver of the car fails to take into consideration that the motorcyclist has the right-of-way because the driver simply does not see the motorcyclist.

How Drivers Miss Motorcyclists

Because motorcycles are smaller, drivers can often struggle to see them. A driver is also likely not to expect a motorcycle as much as a car and will not be looking as closely for it. When you have the right-of-way, you might make a left-hand turn only for the car to collide with your motorcycle. Even if the driver slams on their brakes, they aren't able to stop in time and you're hit.

Driver Distractions

Drivers can be distracted in various ways. Not only could a driver be distracted if they have taken their eyes off the road, but they can also be distracted by taking their hands off the wheel temporarily or by being cognitively distracted. Even if the driver is looking at the road, they might be so distracted by the infotainment system that they don't react quickly enough.

This type of motorcycle accident can be even more horrific when the motorist is distracted or is speeding. For example, the driver might have been programming the infotainment system on their car and didn't have their eyes on the road. In this case, the driver might be considered especially negligent for the accident. If your case goes to trial, you might even be awarded punitive damages.

Driver Recklessness

Some drivers see motorcyclists and are simply reckless. Drivers sometimes struggle to properly judge the speed of a motorcycle and in a hurry might accidentally collide with your vehicle. This is especially likely in slick road conditions when the driver slides in an unpredictable direction.

Once the accident occurs, you will need to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible so you can begin the process of filing a claim or lawsuit. You will need the experience of a motorcycle accident lawyer because motorcycle accidents are different from other types of personal injury cases and require a legal expert who understands issues that motorcyclists uniquely face.

For more information, reach out to a lawyer that can provide motorcycle accident law services.