3 Types Of Aggravated Assaults And Why You Need An Attorney

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3 Types Of Aggravated Assaults And Why You Need An Attorney

24 November 2021
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Were you accused of an assault crime? This can be a frightening experience for anyone. It is because if you're charged with this violent crime, you'll likely face severe penalties such as jail sentences and fines. You don't want to face this alone because the experience can be devastating. For example, the consequences can be severe and can impact your life in different ways. It is why you need to work with an aggravated assault attorney to evaluate the severity of your case and provide you with the best options available. If you don't know what qualifies to be an aggravated assault, this quick guide highlights what you may need to know. Read on. 

Aggravated Assault with a Dangerous/Deadly Weapon

When you commit an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, the punishment you may receive will depend on whether you're a first-time offender or not. This is a felony conviction for a first-time offender, and the punishment may be shorter. If you've been convicted of assault before, you'll be incarcerated for many years. Individuals with several assault convictions will face a prison-only punishment that is more severe. 

Note that the definition of a dangerous weapon is broad and will depend on the circumstances surrounding your case. For example, suppose you were driving drunk, and you hit a bike rider with your vehicle. In that case, this could be aggravated assault since the law could consider a motor vehicle a dangerous instrument. 

Aggravated Battery Leading to Bodily Injuries

While battery is a misdemeanor, some circumstances can be termed as aggravated battery, and the charges could be more serious, and chances are you'll likely face substantial fines or jail time. To prove aggravated battery, the prosecutor will need to show that the person who committed the crime intended to cause permanent disability, permanent disfigurement, or gross bodily harm. You may face a second-degree felony if you cause severe bodily injuries or batter a pregnant victim. Also, if you get in a drunken scuffle and cause huge scars to the other person, this could be a second-degree felony. If you believe your claim involves severe injuries, you shouldn't walk this path alone. Consult an aggravated assault attorney for directions. 

Aggravated Assault Without Causing Severe Bodily Injuries

An aggravated assault may not always result in bodily injuries. If the jury determines the assault didn't cause bodily harm, the punishment you may receive depends on your history of assault crimes. This means multiple-time offenders may receive a more severe punishment compared to first-time offenders. 

Dealing with an aggravated assault accusation can be a debilitating experience for anyone. No claim is as straightforward as many may think, especially if you're inexperienced and understand significant legal ramifications. Ensure you have an aggravated assault attorney to walk you throughout the journey.