How Can You Get Through A High-Conflict Divorce?

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How Can You Get Through A High-Conflict Divorce?

10 August 2021
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While most people would prefer to be able to leave a relationship without much drama, some people are more prone to conflict than others. People who are high-conflict are more likely to engage in behaviors that lead to arguments.

So, how can you avoid a high-conflict divorce? How can you ensure that your divorce goes smoothly? These tips will help you avoid getting dragged in.

Maintain Communication Only As Necessary

One of the biggest reasons why people get roped into conflict with an ex is due to communication about unimportant things. For example, one person might bring up a petty dispute from the past to try to drag the other into a fight. It is best to avoid discussing anything unrelated to children or property.

Consider Using Third-Party Apps To Log Communication

Some divorcing couples will use a third-party app that keeps track of all communication. In some cases, lawyers and others are clued into these apps so that they can provide guidance or even mediation. You might consider using this app to ensure everybody is held accountable for the things they say.

Encourage Little Direct Contact

If you do not have to meet up to exchange the children or to move out of the family home, it may be ideal not to see much of each other as you parse out the details of the divorce. Often, these meetings can result in arguments and disputes that can lead to more trouble when it is time to go to court.

Get Everything in Writing

It is important that you get every agreement you make in writing, preferably through your lawyers or the court system. This is a good thing for you because it can help you avoid one party claiming they never made any such agreement. As a result, you have to worry less about somebody changing their mind.

Abide By Legal Orders

If the judge does issue any orders in your case, make sure that you abide by them. You could be held in contempt of court if you do not act in compliance with these orders, and a high-conflict spouse may be more inclined to push even small mistakes than others.

Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Do you want to avoid the drama of a high-conflict divorce? Hire a divorce lawyer to help you through the next steps so that you are not at risk for getting involved in disputes that get in the way of your goals.