Four Reasons You Should Keep Your Emotions In Check During A Divorce

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Four Reasons You Should Keep Your Emotions In Check During A Divorce

12 July 2016
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While you might feel like a wreck inside from your pending divorce, there are some very valid reasons why you should try to keep calm on the outside. There can be benefits to keeping your emotions in check, especially if there will be court appearances or you have children. Here are four reasons you should keep your cool and stick to the facts during your divorce.

1. Court Will Take You More Seriously

If you show too much emotion in court, this might come off as dramatic or make a judge think you don't respect the process. If you can work through any emotional energy before your court proceedings by talking with a friend or counselor, this can help. If you are worried that you might break down in front of your ex or tend to talk too much when you are nervous, have your divorce attorney do most of the talking for you in court.

2. Your Kids Will Experience Less Drama

While you might be upset from your pending divorce, keeping it together for the sake of your kids needs to be a priority. This includes not talking badly about your spouse and keeping your children's routines as normal as possible. Don't forget that your kids are going through the divorce as well, and they will need you to be strong for them. Kids will be looking up to their parents for cues on how to act throughout the divorce process.

3. You Won't Waste Money On Legal Fees

If you are overly emotional with your pending divorce, this can lead you to draw out procedures or be inflexible when it comes to settlements. If you are using your divorce attorney as a sounding board, they are charging you for their time. If your misplaced emotions are creeping into your legal process, this will just eat up your time and money.

4. You Can Move On Faster

Keeping your emotions in check while getting through your divorce steps actually serves you the best overall. If you can keep a clear head, this will speed up the divorce process so that you can get on with your life. Don't forget that the pain you are experiencing now will eventually fade.

There's nothing wrong with being upset or emotional about your pending divorce. Just remember, you may need to compartmentalize your feelings for the sake of the process, your kids, and to get on with your life.

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