Securing Your Company's Future Through Knowledge - 3 Questions For A Small Business Owner To Ask An Attorney

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Securing Your Company's Future Through Knowledge - 3 Questions For A Small Business Owner To Ask An Attorney

15 April 2016
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The tasks that come with deciding to open your own small business can, at many times, seem overwhelming. There are many challenges to face and items to check off of seemingly endless to do lists, but one thing that should immediately jump to the front of your priorities is guaranteeing that your business has necessary and sufficient legal protection.

Choosing your small business's attorney and being engaged with him or her immediately is a great way to be proactive and avoid any potential concerns which may arise. Below, you'll find a list of some questions you should be sure to ask your attorney, guaranteeing that you can be properly protected and not a victim of surprise or circumstance.

Ask About Conflict Resolution

Many people may suggest that your attorney should work as the other side of your business personality, but hiring an aggressive and confrontational lawyer may not always suit people who prefer to pursue a more even keeled path. The reverse may also be true; you may prefer an attorney who will fight aggressively for every inch of territory and property possible.

Make sure that you have a conversation with your attorney about his or her approach to conflict resolution and the way they expect to handle disputes in your industry. Knowing how much time you may have to spend inside of a courtroom can be extremely valuable information when considering a legal strategy.

Ask About Technical Experience

While issues of the law are certainly in the purview of your lawyer's expertise, you may be surprised to discover that technical issues are important as well. If your small business operates in a highly technical or specialized field, knowledge of your industry can prove invaluable during legal disputes.

Ask your lawyer about his or her technical experience and any exposure they may have had to your field of work. This will let you gauge their depth of knowledge and can even help smoothing the lines of communication when necessary.

Ask About A Communication Plan

Hiring an attorney for your business will involve a financial commitment, and it's natural to want to be sure that that commitment is being followed up on. Rather than struggling to reach a busy attorney during inconvenient times for both of you, you should establish a communication plan and a regular schedule of meetings and conversations. This should provide you with substantial peace of mind and should also help guarantee that no important concerns slip through the cracks.