What You Need To Know Before Getting An Interlock Device

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What You Need To Know Before Getting An Interlock Device

6 April 2016
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Interlock ignition devices are one popular solution for DUI offenders who need to retain control of their vehicle. Essentially, this device incorporates a breathalyzer into the car's ignition to make sure that drivers haven't been drinking. Here is what you need to know when looking into these devices. 

Interlock Devices Are Well Supported

The first thing to know is that, if you are seeking an interlock for your vehicle, you're in good company. Interlock devices are supported for drivers by several national agencies including MADD, and public support of interlock devices hovers between 69 and 88 percent. That being said, judges can vary in their support of interlock devices. 

Interlock Devices Are Contingent

If you are granted an interlock device, know that your use of this device is contingent on your behavior. Judges may revoke the interlock privileges if you are unable to comply with the regulations of use. For instance, if you fail to blow into the device within a certain period of time during an initial startup test or a random road test, then your vehicle could shut down and send a report to the device's memory. If you fail a breath test, you will get dinged as well. When the judge and the interlock company review your record, they can make a decision to revoke the device. 

States May Pay for Interlock Devices

Interlocks carry a monthly cost and an installation fee. Some states will pay for part of the interlock device if you can show financial need. Speak with a DUI lawyer to put together your paperwork if you need assistance with costs. 

You Will Need a DUI Attorney

If you are interested in getting an interlock device in your car, it's important to factor in a DUI attorney to your case. You'll need an attorney because the terms for getting an interlock are somewhat unpredictable. There is no mandate that requires judges to grant you an interlock; it depends on the individual judge and their views of you and their opinion on interlock devices in general. 

With your lawyer's help, you can work to address that "you" part of the puzzle. For instance, your lawyer will work to paint a picture of you as a responsible person who requires their vehicle to carry out daily functioning. This may include providing documentation of poor public transportation in your area, doing work to reduce the damage of past criminal charges on your reputation, and effectively pleading with the judges about the circumstances of your arrest to minimize their certainty. 

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